How can banks effectively communicate with their clients?


Customer experience is a brand’s biggest asset today. To optimize it, messaging channels have become one of the most convenient and effective ways to communicate with a company or financial service. With WhatsApp for Business, enterprises can expand their customer-centric dialogue on a chat app their customers already trust and enjoy.


By leveraging WhatsApp Business, customers will have the option to receive important banking transaction alerts in real-time. For example, if a credit card has been compromised, the bank agent can reach out and notify the user immediately via chat app instead of over the phone in a secure environment.


  • Transactional inquiries: For everyday banking issues, instead of accessing a banking app, reaching out to a call center or visiting a local branch, clients can efficiently communicate over WhatsApp and enquire about everything from the status of a mortgage application, to the process of opening a bank account.
  • Customer support: Banks can also conveniently administrate support and time-efficient responses to new enquiries over WhatsApp Business, all within the app. This helps them avoid app development and the management of mobile sessions needed in the typical mobile bank application.